Payment , Cancellation and Refund Policy

Monami Hospitality Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “MYROOMIE”) wishes to state the for its Users (hereinafter referred to as “USER”), the payment, refund policies on its Website (“Website”) located at www.Myroomie.in and has provided this Terms of Use statement (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) to familiarize the User with it.


To avail of Myroomie services or reserve a seat in the student accommodation service facility provided by Myroomie the USER will be required to pay booking, fees, monthly fees, service charges by whatever name called (hereinafter referred to as “Fees”).

Blocking Fee

The USER may pay a token fee (“Blocking Fee”) for blocking a seat at a Myroomie facility for 07 days from the date of payment of Blocking Fee. This Blocking Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances but will be adjusted against full payment of Fees within the 07 day time period. If the USER fails to pay the Fees within 07 days from the payment of Blocking Fees, the booking will be auto cancelled. .

Security Deposit

The USER shall pay a sum equivalent to 02 months Fees as security deposit to Myroomie (“Security Deposit”). The amount varies depending on the type of occupancy. The Security Deposit shall be refundable to the USER after deducting any dues and adjustments at the time of termination of the contract. USER will note that Myroomie agreements re always at least for a period of one year and USER is liable to pay the Fees for the full period, irrespective of their absences from the facility or their desire to discontinue the Agreement. Should USERS decide not to continue their stay the Security Deposit shall be adjusted.

Refund of Fees

All Fees paid to Myroomie are non refundable. The Fees maybe be collected through an online payment gateway which shall be linked to the USER account or by other means of funds transfer, as per request of the USER, if needed. In case of any failure on part of the USER to transfer the Fees in the prescribed time Myroomie shall have the right to terminate the agreement and the USER shall be given a 15 days’ notice to vacate the Facility and the outstanding dues would be adjusted against the Security Deposit.

Refund Timeline

If the booking is made through cash, it shall take up to 07 bank working days to process the refund after obtaining the bank account details from the USER.

If the booking is made online, it shall take up to 07 bank working days to process the refund. Actual receipt of the money is subject to payment gateway refund processing time line.