Jasmine by Myroomie - An Exclusive PG/Hostel for Girls near Jain University, Jayanagar

Jasmine gender Girls

Near Jain University, Jayanagar,
City Centre : 23 Min Drive
Nearest Metro Station : 2 Min Drive
Distance to College : 5 Min Walk
Nearest Petrol Pump : 4 Min Drive

14000 onwards

MyRoomie students Girls hostel is located in the fast growing area with good connectivity and amenities nestled in a quiet neighbourhood and the residence is driven by technology & biometric enabled security. It is located in Jayanagar 9th block , Jayanagar close to Jain University or Jain College in Jayanagar. The property has single, double and triple sharing rooms for students, delightfully spacious rooms and convenient amenities & finest services to unwind at the end of a tiring day unlike any other hostel or pg. In addition to the student accommodation experience the student living lifestyle at MyRoomie it is garnished with community living, retreats & recreational facilities offered along with fitness & relaxation and many such avenues here unlike any other common PG’s and Hostels.

PG near Jain University

Your new journey of life landed you in Bangalore. And now you got admission in Jain University Bangalore. We know it’s really tough to leave your hometown but Bangalore is a city where everyone falls in Love with. Now you are confused about to rent a Local PG near Jain University. May be this is the First time your stepping out of your Hometown it’s really hard to find the PGs in Bangalore which are suitable to your comforts. You shouldn’t choose any wrong Pgs in Bangalore in Jayanagar you will find many Paying Guest Accommodation in Jayanagar Bangalore But you need to think twice and thrice before selecting any Local PGs in Jayanagar near Jain University. We suggest you to select a MyRoomie PG near Jain University like its your New home. So that you won’t feel anymore a typical Paying guest who is just Staying in PGs. As a Student you should always stay in PGs who are more lively and with your friends to make unforgettable memories And trust us when we tell you this. That PG is none other than MyRoomie student Housing and Hostel. It's a place that won't let you miss home, by being your New Home. While enjoying your University days and exploring Bangalore.

Are you Still confused about living in Flat or Hostel Or PG near Jain University Bangalore?

Jayanagar is one of the oldest Areas in Bangalore and renting a Flat with very high deposits it’s not in Budget. And plus looking for flat in Jayanagar it’s like one of the toughest thing for a new student who came here to live with Big dreams. Its shouldn’t be hurdle in your studies. You also will have additional expenses, like the domestic help’s salary, the electricity bill, the wifi charges, groceries and it will burden on your pocket money too . Plus you need to give special time to cleaning , preparing food and other chores. It will surely gonna eat up your study time. So we will suggest a PG with its low rent and included with all facilities just like your Home becomes a better option. But Many PGs near Jain University are not that proper and hygienic for student you will be there just as a typical Paying Guest. So we recommend you to live in a MyRoomie PG and Join our Enthusiastic family who takes care of everyone and your comfort.

The PG in Bangalore Important Points while Renting a PG near Jain University

You are renting must give all the ammentities as per your needs. Like the PG near Jain University you are looking for Cover the exact neccesities. Everything from the room and it's furniture and other facilities like wifi, power back-up and food. You don’t have to go out for all other things when you are residing in PG Acommodation in Bangalore. We will suggest to look for a PG who will provide everyting at a Same place and near Jain University. That’s why we say MyRoomie PG is the one you need we took a pledge that every student who have resided in our PGs in Bangalore he should be taken care like family. We thrive to make the relations with students in PG near jain University by arranging festivals , Birthdays, Freshers party, Orphanage Visits and Building memories with them that will remember lifetime. So you should opt for MyRoomie PG in Bangalore near Jain University Jayanagar for hassle friendly student life.

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Places to visit near Jain University

Street Shopping is very famous in Jayanagar Bangalore who don’t love shopping? , Lalbagh in Jayanagar Bangalore for a morning walk with a beautiful view with your new friends, Tea villa café and many famous café just nearby walking distance near Jain University , many typical south Indian food shops you will get here in Jayanagar .

FAQs - About Booking a PG Accommodation in Jayanagar, Bangalore

How many Paying Guest (PG) Accommodation are available in Jayanagar, Bangalore?

There are one myroomie campus available in Jayanagar, near Jain University Bangalore. You can choose among single/Double/Triple sharing as per your comfort.

How is Sharing PG facility in Jayanagar, Bangalore?

Our Paying Guest in Jayanagar near jain University Bangalore has a Spacious Rooms with Flat Type Structure it is very unique as compare to other Pgs and Hostels in Bengaluru.

MyRoomie PG in Jayanagar Bangalore campuses have power back up, water purifier?

Yes, MyRoomie PG in Jayanagar Bangalore campuses and hostels have 8 hours of power backup facility and all properties serve RO water.

Does MyRoomie PG near Jain University Jayanagar Bangalore have parking facilities and security guards?

Yes Our PG near Jain University Jayanagar Bangalore have parking facilities, and security guards are present in campus. We provide 24*7 security in all over our campuses in Bangalore.

Does MyRoomie PG near Jain University celebrates All festivals?

Yes , We celebrate All festivals in our PGs in Bangalore. We always try to build up a friendly environment with our residents. We always organize the programs in our PG near jain University Banaglore.

How A girls PG near Jain University Bangalore is Safe and Secure?

Our Top Priority Is safety For girls who are staying In myroomie PG in Bangalore. We provide Multiple Security 24*7 Security guard , Cameras covering every corridor, DOG guard and Bio-metric Security. So our PG near jain University Bangalore is Safe and Secure.

Does MyRoomie PG near Jain Univeristy Jayanagar Bangalore provide both North and South Indian food?

Yes, we provide mix of both north and south Indian food in all our Paying Guests in Bangalore. We Have designed healthy meals for students with some variations in food on every weekend, so students will not get bored of same food.

What is the plus point of Booking with MyRoomie PG in Bangalore?

There are many but here we are mentioning few , Spacious Rooms with flat type structure, Healthy food , Chill zone Area , Wi-fi, Indoor gym you will all get this at single PG In Bangalore.

Why is MyRoomie PG a Perfect Choice when Looking for the Best PG near Jain University?

We provide Spacious Rooms with Flat type Architecture, so that you all just not confined with single Rooms. Here the staff takes care of everyone like a family member. We focus on Making Relations with our students not just a Renting a PG near Jain University. MyRoomie is and always will be your New home in Bengaluru.

How Good are the Laundry and Room Cleaning Services of PG near Jain University?

There are numerous neighborhood PG near Jain University that offer these types of assistance. Yet, would they be able to be considered 'acceptable' contrasted with the expertly curated suppers and expert clothing and housekeeping administrations at MyRoomie.

Which are the Best PGs for Girls near Jain University Jayanagar, Bangalore?

There are very few good PG for girls near Jain University. But when we're talking of the best ones, only one stands out. And that's none other than your New home, MyRoomie.

How Do I choose Best and Affordable PG near jain Univeristy Bangalore?

Always check Reviews and facilities of other PGs in Bangalore before Booking . At MyRoomie we provide quality stay at very affordable cost and facilities we give is like same as of your own home.

How do I ensure Safety and well sanitized PGs near Jain University During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

We understand that you’re stressed over the effect of COVID-19 But you don’t have to worry about it. We are following every protocol and guidance given by Government. We sanitized Our PGs in Bangalore everyday around the corner. Thermal screening of every person is Regularly checked and Applied Social Distancing Norms in our Common Areas in all our Paying Guests campuses. Below are the link given for How we follow COVID-19 protocol.
How we are ensuring safety at our PG near Jain University Jayanagar Bangalore

How safe and secure are PGs in Jayanagar for Students?

For your safety, every MyRoomie student is equipped with our bio-metric security system, 24*7 security, Dog guard and cameras all around. If a PG in Jayanagar provides equal measures of security, can it be considered safe enough.

Given Below is the list of our new campuses that top even the best PG near Jayanagar:

How is MyRoomie PG is Unique from Local PG in Jayanagar?

Myroomie PG is just like your New Home we always try to give the same comfort as of your Home. Myroomie conducts Festivals , Birthday celebrations , Trekking , Orphanage Visits , various competitions. We always thrive to built memories not just customer relations. This is the way myroomie PG is unique than any other PGs in Bangalore.

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